Monday, January 16, 2017

Weekly Update:January 16-20, 2017

Hello, Parents!

First off, I would like to say, "THANK YOU"! The bake sale was a huge success because of all of your help. This was our first fundraiser and I was blown away by all the support you gave the 5th graders! We were able to raise $669.08 toward the Gaga Pit. The total amount needed is $1,200.00 so we are just over half-way. The students also sent out donation letters to Lowe's, Home Depot, and ACE Hardware for lumber donations. We are working on a second fundraiser to hopefully earn the rest of the money needed. We will keep you posted on the latest developments.

Classroom Elections-Last Friday, the students were able to cast their ballots for classroom President and Vice-President. In Room 118, the winners were Eleni Lahanas (P) and Anna Richards (VP). In Room 116, the winners were Danny Entler (P) and Zach Carrigan (VP). Congratulations to both teams for their efforts. I also want to give shout outs to all those who chose to run. Ms. D'Amico and I were floored by your preparedness and commitment. I have never been more proud! Every day I am amazed by what is being accomplished by all the 5th graders.  I am one proud teacher!

We will be holding elections for the House of Reps, Senate, and Secretary of State this week also. The Inaugurations for our President and Vice-President will the this Friday.

Social Studies-We are wrapping up chapter 4 this week. I was planning our test for this Friday, but it will likely be pushed to next Monday.

Science-I will be wrapping up cells this week also. We will be testing next Tuesday or Wednesday. After the test we will be working on using microscopes and will them complete a cell lab! It is such an amazing experience for the students!

STEM-we will be working on Forces and Motion in STEM for the next several weeks.

Science Fair-The rubrics will finally be coming home this week!

Religion 118-We will be continuing Miracles of Jesus. The rubrics will also be going home for their miracle reports.

Have a wonderful week ahead and I hope all the kiddos enjoyed their snow/ice day!!!
Mrs. D'Huyvetter

Friday, January 6, 2017

Weekly Update: January 3-6, 2017

I hope you all had a VERY restful break and got to enjoy each other! I feel very rested and was pumped to get back and see all the kids! I missed them very much! I had a great break. We didn't do a whole lot and that was just fine with me! I wrapped up my Masters class for the semester and I will be continuing my thesis beginning January 30th. In the meantime, I have been able to read what I want and it has been wonderful. I bought a book over break called, The Hidden Life of Trees. I will never look at trees the same again! They are fascinating! I should have done the Tree ID Project ;)
Oh well! Here is a run down of what's happening in my class:

Social Studies-The 5th grade historians have just started learning about the voyage of Christopher Columbus and the impact the Spanish made on America. We will be moving into the conquests of Cotes and Pizarro next week and the take down of the Aztec and Inca Empires. Boo! From there, we will be talking about the colonization of Central and South America and the impact the Spanish had on the native populations. Our assessment will be the following week. I am planning on Friday, January 20th. 

Science-Our young scientist have been introduced the smallest building blocks of life, cells. We will be working on cells for the next several weeks. We have talked about what cells are and how they reproduce through cell division. We have had amazing conversation. We will be talking about both animal and plant cells similarities and differences between them. At the end of the unit, students will be learning how to use microscopes and prepare slide for both onion cells and their very own cheek cells! They get to see their very own cells under a microscope! #awesome

Science Fair-I will be sending home information next week on the Science Fair. Students will be able to have a partner if they choose, but it is not required. They can have a partner from either class. I do not choose their partners, but if your child is having a hard time finding a partner, please let me know and will assist in whatever way I can to make it work for everyone that would like a partner. More will be posted next week!

Religion 118-We just started discussing Ch. 4 on the Miracles of Jesus. On Monday, they will be assigned a Miracle of Jesus and be responsible for researching and writing a report on the miracle assigned. A rubric will be going home as well to help guide them through the process.

Enjoy your weekend!
Mrs. D'Huyvetter

Classroom Elections

We will be having classroom elections next week. Students have the ability to run as President/Vice-President, House of Representatives, Senate, or Secretary. The President/Vice-President will have debate on Monday, January 9th. On Wednesday, we will be holding Primaries to narrow down the candidates. They top 2 President/Vice President teams, 3 House of Reps, 2 Senate, and 1 Secretary per class will end up on the ballot sheet. The election will be on Friday. Students will get to experience an authentic ballot and voting experience. It is a wonderful learning experience for them and a great introduction to government within the classroom.

Cyclotron Update

I have rescheduled the Cyclotron trip for February 10th at ll am. We will have to get a new permission slip but not payment since we still have it from before Christmas break. If you are interested in coming, please let us know!

Mrs. D'Huyvetter

Bake Sale Sign Up

The 5th graders will be having a bake sale to support the building of the Gaga Pit Project. This is part of our project based learning unit (PBL). They have been working very hard since the end of October to make this project happen. This is out first fundraiser. We need as much help as we can get! If you would like to send in any baked goods, purchased or homemade, it would be appreciated greatly! Click the blue link below to go right to the Google Doc sign up. Also, if you have time to volunteer to assist the students at lunch on Friday, that would also be very helpful! Thank you kindly for your love and support! You all have wonderful kiddos and should be very proud of all their hard work!
Bake Sale

Thursday, November 17, 2016

November 14-18, 2016

It has been a couple of weeks since my last update and I apologize! I just wanted to give you a run down of what has been happening in the 5th grade over the past few weeks!

SS-We have been studying Native American groups by region. We started with the SW and the Hopi. We the moved into the Woodlands and focused on the Iroquois. My good friend Art Reist came in and gave a wonderful presentation to the students with a lot of his VERY cool native artifacts. It was so amazing! We then continued on learning about the Lakota of the Great Plains. Sean shared a book with us written by his grandfather that I was able to read to the class about Crazy Horse! It was a wonderful informational text connection! The kids even recognized cause and effect situations in the book! Right now, we are working on the Tlingit of the Pacific Northwest. This is the final lesson in the chapter.

We will have our test over this on Wednesday, November 30th. 

Sci-We are currently working in elements of the periodic table. We have talked about the parts of atoms, molecules, monomers, and polymers. We have done molecule building and today we will be making a polymer..."slime".

Atom Projects are due Nov. 22nd. The students will be making a companion brochure that will be put on display at the cyclotron starting Dec. 12th. We will be going for a visit and the brochures will be displayed  in their Atrium.

Religion 118-We have been working hard on Ch, 3, the Mystery of the Holy Trinity. Students have been working on posters and presentations in small groups. They have been doing a wonderful job!

They will have a test over Ch. 3 Tuesday, November 29th. 

Important Info:

Nov. 18-Ziibiwing Cultural Center Field Trip forms are due
              Food Bank Permission slips are due

Nov. 21-Ziibiwing Cultural Center Field Trip-Mount Pleasant

Nov. 22-Atom Projects are due.
Nov 23-27-Thanksgiving Break

Nov. 29-Ch.3 Religion test for rm 118

Nov. 30-Ch.2 test over Native Americans

December 12-Field Trip to Cyclotron

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Important Camp Reminders

~Important Camp Reminders~

·      Make sure to label all items.

·      Pack all medicine in a Ziploc bag with dosing instructions. Do not back in luggage. It needs to be turned in right when students get to school.

·      If you send money for the camp store, please put it in a Ziploc or envelope with students name and amount. Do not pack in luggage. Give it to the teachers when you get to school.

·      Bring a pair of short and t shirt for dance night.

·      Dance night is Thursday from 7-9.

·      Camp payments are due Wed. unless arrangements have been made.

·      Students come to school in camp clothes.

·      Students need a brown bag lunch for Wed. not packed in luggage.