Friday, April 13, 2018

April 13, 2018 - Update


Now that we have been back for a week, the students have gotten back into the swing of things. We have been working very hard and are heading to the finish line! I cannot believe how fast the school year has passed! The 5th graders are almost 6th graders!! Below is an update on the different units of study happening right now!

Religion (118) - We just entered Unit 3. Units 3-6 will be focusing on the Sacraments of Initiation. The first sacrament we will be studying in baptism. So far, we have talked about the various communities that we belong to including our families, school, church, and various sports teams. This creates a pathway for talking about how the Sacraments of Initiation allow us to become members of the body of Christ. We will continue this journey for the next couple of weeks!

Social Studies (118)-We are wrapping up Ch. 7 on Colonial Life. The kids have been assigned their Apprenticeship Reports. They were given a rubric that they must follow when writing this report. It was assigned on Tuesday, April 10 and is due on Friday, April 20th. We will be sharing all of our learning the following week as we wrap up this chapter. Following this chapter, we will be moving into Ch. 8 and focusing on the French and Indian War, which is really the war the led to many of the taxed being imposed the 13 colonies. Becuase of this, the revolution was able to take place.

Science (118)-We have been learning about energy pathways in ecosystems. We have talked about biotic and abiotic factors, populations, communities, population dynamics,  and food chains so far. Next week, we will venture into food webs. The kids will be creating a large food web and some of the printing of the pictures will need to be done at home.

STEM (both)- We launched an exciting STEM challenge today. The students will be working on geometry skills for the next 4 weeks within this activity. The last week of this challenge, the kids will be able to create Mars Rovers from the Lego Robotics kits I have. They will learn how to block code and navigate the robots through the courses they create during STEM. I can't wait!!

Math (both)-In math, we are talking about factors, prime and composite numbers and prime factorization. We are reviewing these math topics to get ready to learn about Greatest Common Factors (GCF) and Least Common Multiples (LCM). From there, we will be starting fractions. Please make your kiddo is completing 60 minutes of Moby per week! Moby Starts on Friday evening and should be completed by Thursday. We go to the lab every Wednesday for 30 minutes.

Report cards are going home today!
Please return the envelopes next week. Within the envelopes, you will find new login information for Powerschool. Your username and password will the same, it's just the URL is changing.

Also, the STA FAMILY DIRECTORY is now on the STA website. It is password protected to check for the information in the report card envelope for the password to access it.

Greenfield Village-MARK YOUR CALENDARS!! The Greenfield Village trip is set for Tuesday, May 29th. We leave at 8 am sharp and return around 4:45-5:00.

I think that's it for now!! Have a great weekend!!

Many Blessings,
Mrs. D

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Conference Schedule

Wednesday-If you are unable to attend, please let us know so we can reschedule.

3:15 Morgan Bower

3:30 Asher Zakham

3:45 Ryan Dua

4:00 Grace Currie

4:15 Hayden Horstman

4:30 Isabel Doerr

4:45 Margot Campau

5:00 Collin Hargrove

5:15 Grace Mitchell

5:30 Ty Raken

5:45 Aaron Ostrowski

6:00 Joselyn Woodworth

6:15 Kaitlin Ludwig

6:30 Elsa Elhenicky

6:45 Drew Tolfree

7:00 Natalie Bertsch

7:15 Alex Fernandez

7:30 Camille Clement

7:45 Ian Carrigan

8:00 AJ Gates

8:15 Maya Ball

8:30 Cate Long

8:45 Jack Grill

9:00 Julia Sambaer

9:15 Tommy Stout

Sunday, December 10, 2017

December Update

Hello Parent and Students!
I hope you all had a great weekend! As last week came to an end, it seemed that more and more of the kiddos weren't feeling that great! Luckily, the hot chocolate and tea really seemed to help them! Ms. Karpus and I also have had a cold so we all basically feel the same! 

As we move into the next 2 weeks, we are going to be wrapping up our multiplication unit and starting division. We will continue division when we get back from Christmas break as well. Below is the rundown:

Math 116 + 118
We have been expanding all many forms of multiplication. We have been working on 2 digit x 1 digit, 2 digit x 2 digit, 3x1, 3x2, 4x1, 4x2, decimals/money, rounding/estimating products, and problem-solving using multiplication. The students will be taking their test over this unit on Thursday.

Students should still be working Moby for 60 minutes a week. Many students are not doing this. Moby is designed to target areas of weakness and then work to fill those gaps. Make sure that your kiddo is trying their best to work on this during the course of the week.

Students are also working on Accelerated Math. They have been doing an awesome job. Many students are starting to push ahead of the curriculum and challenge themselves on new mathematical concepts.
Social Studies 118
The kids have been learning about early exploration. We started with the Vikings and their discovery of North America. We have also talked about Marco Polo and his important travels. We moved into the expansion of trade in West Africa and China. This week we will be wrapping up with the beginning of trade by sea and its implications on the world. We will be testing next Monday. 
On Friday, we had an amazing trip to the Cyclotron at MSU. It was an amazing trip and the kids all seemed to LOVE the presentation and getting the opportunity to explore the lab itself.  Right now, we have been talking about metals, non-metals, and metalloids. We also have been talking about chemical reactions and reactivity. We will be wrapping this lesson up at the end of this week. We will be having out test next Wednesday. 
Christmas Info:
The students would like to do a white elephant gift exchange. We will be doing a boy and girl one. Basically, each student can bring in a gift wrapped for $5 and creative! I have a fun game that will go along with it. Don't put any names on the gifts. 

We also talked about doing a donation to Heifer International. The kids want to raise enough money to buy a family an animal or possibly a well for a village. We will be accepting a donation of any denomination to help support people in need!

Hot Cocoa/Tea Bar:
Ms. Karpus and I are gifting the kids a hot cocoa and tea bar for the month of December. I have many mugs but the kids are also able to bring in their own special mug if they choose. They receive 2 tickets a week and can sign up for any 2 days they want during the course of the week. They seem to be enjoying it so far! 
Important Dates:

December 11-15: Adopt-A-Family gift collection
December 14: Unit 2 Math Assessment-Multiplication (116+118)
December 18: Ch.3 Social Studies Assessment (118)
December 19: DIA field trip 8am-4pm
December 20-Ch. 9 Lesson 3 Assessment (118)
December 21-Christmas Concert @ 1pm
December 22-Mass @ 9am/Christmas Parties immediately following

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Conference Times

Wednesday, October 4th

3:30 -Julia S.
3:45-Ian C.
4:00-Grace M.
4:15-Kendalyn B.
4:30-Asher Z.
5:00-Margot C.
5:15-Michelle J.
5:30-Collin H.
5:45-Alex F.
6:00-Elsa E.
6:15-Natalie B.
6:30-Kaitlin L.
6:45-Drew T.
7:00- AJ G.
7:15-Joselyn W.
7:30- Camille C.


10:15-Jack G.
10:30-Aaron O.
10:45-Grace C.
11:00-Isabel D.
11:15-Maya B.
11:30-Tommy S.
12:00-Addie R.
12:15-Hayden H.
12:30-Ty R.
12:45-Morgan B.

1:00-Cate L.

Monday, October 2, 2017

D'Weekly Update-October 2-6, 2017


This week will be a busy one! I just wanted to give an update on what we will be going over this week.

Math 116+118

This week we will be talking about comparing decimals. This means we will be using the signs <, >, and = when making comparisons. We will be working as a whole class and then breaking into small groups to work on problems to ensure the students are strengthening their knowledge and challenging them to higher level thinking.

I have also had the opportunity to meet with all the students one-on-one this week to discuss their NWEA math score, MobyMax, and setting goals.

Please make sure that your kiddo is getting 60 minutes of focus minutes on Moby and doing fact fluency 3 times weekly. This is part of their grade and all the students are aware of this as I have talked with them one-on-one about it.
Religion-This week we will continue working on God as the Creator. We will be wrapping this unit up by the end of next week. I feel that the students have really put a lot of thought into the world that God has created for us all and why he did this for us. They have had very thoughtful questions and discussions that have come from this unit so far.
Social Studies-This week we are starting Ch. 2-Native Americans of America. We will be focusing on regions and the Natives that live within that region. Today, Lesson 1 was introduced on the Hopi and Navajo which live in the SW, more specifically the 4 corners region.

Tests will be going home on  Tuesday. The students did really well! I am very pleased :)
Science-Today, we wrapped up properties of matter. The kids worked on their review in class. Tomorrow we will be going over their reviews and I will be prepping them for the test on Wednesday.
Please make sure all camp forms are turned in by WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 4th. Payments are due by October 18th.
Conference Slips
Conference slips went home last Thursday. If you did not get one from your kiddo, please let me know. I will also be posting the list on the blog tomorrow.

Important Dates:

October 4: Conferences from 3:30-8:00
October 5: NO SCHOOL -Conferences from 8:30-3:30
October 6: NO SCHOOL
October 9: NO SCHOOL-Teacher PD Day
October 16: Casual Dress/Food Bank
October 18-20: 5th-grade camp

Have a great week! Enjoy the wonderful weather!!
Mrs. D

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Density Lab-Harry Potter Style

This week, the 5th graders have been studying density as a property of matter. In order to demonstrate this property, the kids did the density tower lab. If a fun flip, we renamed all the liquids fun Harry Potter potions. As a result, not only did they have a blast with learning about density they also had fun pretending to be in Professor Snape's Potions class!!! That's what I call a win-win!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

D'Weekly Update - September 18-22, 2017

Hello 5th-grade families,

I hope all has been well. The last couple weeks have been so busy! They have flown by...I can't believe how fast it has been going. We all seem to be settling in very nicely and getting used to the routines in both classrooms. Below is a description of what is happening in my classroom for the week ahead.

near the end of last week, the students were refreshed in decimals to the thousandths place. We talked about what the word decimal means which gave them more insight on how each place holder's value is determined. This week, we will continue working with that concept and then start comparing decimals in the form of least to greatest, less than, more than, and equal to. Our centers this week will focus on these concepts and review the others we have been working on up until this point. I will also be meeting with the students one-on-one to talk about their MobyMax placement assessment and what will happen from there.

Math - Weekly Expectations

Starting September 18th
  1. Every student is expected to complete at least 60 minutes of MobyMax Math per week between home and school.
  2. Every student will need to practice MobyMax Math Facts 3 times per week, which is separate from the above expectation.

MobyMath Grading                   MobyMax Math Facts   
60+ minutes -10pts                   3 times per week- 5 pts
50-59 minutes-9 pts                 2 times per week-4 pts
40-49 minutes-8pts                   1 time per week -3 pts
30-39  minutes-7pts                
20-29 minutes-6pts
10-19 minutes-5pts
1-9 minutes-4 pts
0 minutes- 0 pts

Math HW
Math practice problem will be assigned throughout the week. Class Time will be given, but anything not finished in class will need to be finished at home.


This year, students will be doing centers like they have in the past with a minor difference. Centers will be flexible. They will be able to choose where they start and how long they spend at that center. If they finish before the allotted time, they can move to one of the other centers, as long as there is space. Centers will have a 2-day rotation. If they are working on MobyMax, that will count toward their weekly requirement. Any unfinished work by the end of the second day will be assigned as homework.

Social Studies
We have been working on peopling the western hemisphere and early Native American cultures. We talked about the 3 things that form complex societies....religion, government, and education. The earliest civilizations were the Olmec, Maya, Moundbuilders, and the Anasazi. This week, we will be moving our focus into the Aztec and the Inca. We also talked about how these societies were mainly farmers and not hunter-gatherers like some of the earliest peoples that migrated into North America.

*Our first assessment will be next Tuesday, September 26th.

The kids have been working on the properties of matter for the last couple of weeks. We have been focusing on the difference between mass and weight, how to measure volume of objects, density, and the formula to calculate density. We have done some very cool labs so the students are able to have hands-on experience with these concepts and to make it more tangible. This week, we will continue our study of density and do an awesome lab on the density of liquids. Near the end of the week, we will start talking about buoyancy and surface tension and how these are properties of matter.

*The first science assessment will be approximately next Thursday.

These photos are the kiddos working on finding the volume of different objects and calculating density.

When the students arrive in the morning, they have been working on a Proverb of the day. They write the Proverb and have to write a paragraph reflection about what they think it means, why it's important, and/or how they can live this message. Their reflections have been very insightful and I really enjoy reading them!

We have also been talking about God and creating. There are so many good questions that the students are asking. Of course, some of them are so deep I have to tell them that I don't even understand because God hasn't revealed that to us yet. I think the hardest concept for them to understand that God is infinite and had no beginning and has no end. Yikes! It just a mystery God hasn't yet revealed to us humans yet! :) We will continue working on creating for the next week or so.

NWEA TESTING- RM 118 September 18th-Math
                                               September 25th-Reading

I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead! It looks like nice warm weather, so make sure your kiddo has a water bottle!

Mrs. D